Introduce the beliefs of Feng Shui to Western World.

Hebes Jewelry, a prominent brand in Fengshui Jewelry, has achieved success in the Viet-American market, is currently focusing on expanding its reach to the American and Asian-American markets. Hebes Jewelry products are intentionally crafted with specific purposes in mind, in line with the current trend of spirit-oriented goods that promote charitable causes.

Our Story

In a remote, untouched corner of the world, I found inspiration in the pristine environment and the wisdom of traditional healing practices. When I introduced my wife to my hometown in 2018, she too fell in love with the captivating landscape and the treasure trove of diverse gemstones and healing crystals. With our shared passion for these remarkable gems and her design background, we decided to bring our vision to life.

United by our love for nature and the profound significance of crystals, we launched “Hebes by Chloe,” a brand that combines modern fashion design with the timeless essence of healing stones. Each piece pays homage to our roots, celebrating the pure and the natural. Our jewelry serves as a bridge between the modern world and ancient wisdom, harnessing the power of nature to bring energy and vitality to those who wear it.

In every gem, in every design, “Hebes by Chloe” embodies our story — a story of nature, healing, and the extraordinary connection between the Earth and its people.

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The first Vietnamese brand to specialize in designing spirit-oriented jewelry and décor products with intention & good cause.

–Designed and handmade in California

Collaborate with prominent Hollywood celebrities

  • First Viet Jewelry Brand to collaborate with Hollywood celebrities
  • Our partnership with Kevin and Devon from the popular Netflix series “Bling Empire” allowed us to introduce a new collection that seamlessly blends the worlds of luxury and culture.
  • The show highlights the rich traditions of East Asian culture, and it aligns with our mission to promote the belief in feng-shui to the Western world through our jewelry.
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Influencer Spotlight

Some of the influencers we collaborate with to showcase the latest in fashion and trendy styles.

Huong Tram

Winner of The Voice Vietnam in 2012 and one of the top female vocalists in Vietnam’s music industry.

Miss Earth Sweden 2014

Frida Fornander

Hollywood influencer / Model

Rachel K Starr

Hollywood influencer / Model

Nicole Castillo

Highlight Collection